Best Gifts for WritersBest Gifts for Writers

81 Amazing Gifts for Writers and Storytellers

Welcome to the ultimate list of gift ideas for writers.

This guide is broken up into sections, so you don’t need to scour the whole guide every time you need an idea. Click one of these links to jump to that section.

Writing Decorations and Art

Beautify your writing life.

Poster from Literary Masterpiece1. Awesome Literary Posters

Or, if you want something more practical you can pick up a “Proofreading Cheatsheet” or “Genre Guide” poster over here.

A block of wood called Writer's Block

2. An Actual “Writer’s Block

The perfect guilt trip.

You can even stare at it while you come up with excuses for “why you haven’t finished your book yet.”

3. Yoda Book End

Perfect for holding your books in place, it is.

4. Hogwarts Book End

For all the Harry Potter fans out there.Game of Thrones Book End

5. “The Iron Throne” Book End

For all the darker fantasy fans out there.

Nerdy Side Note: this is what the Iron Throne is supposed to look like, according to A Song of Ice and Fire.

Jane Austen Socks

6. Writer’s Socks

As Albus Dumbledore said, “One can never possess enough socks. Another Christmas came and went and I didn’t get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.”

Do you think Jane Austen was written in the Harry Potter universe? …I bet Dumbledore would’ve loved these.

Magnetic Poetry Kit

7. Poetry Magnets

Comes with a surprising amount of words and combinations. Great for procrastinating… I mean, for getting your creative juices flowing. There’s also Scrabble for your fridge.

8. Or Scrabble for Your Fridge

Always a great way to procrastinate…

Dixit Storytelling Game

9. This Storytelling Board Game

Dixit is a game where you try to figure out who is telling what story.

Basically, you use storytelling to bluff your opponents. Has a solid rating on Board Game Geek.

Leg Hammock for Writers

10. Leg Hammock

Ridiculous? Yes.

Amazing? Also yes.

Comfortable? Only one way to find out…

11. Elegy, the Storytelling Video Game

Speaking of games…

This one is a really easy way to break through your writer’s block.

Writer's T Shirt

12. Grumpy Writer’s T-Shirt

Sick of getting interrupted in public (or even in your own home)?

This T-shirt could solve all your problems.

13. “Old Books” Candles

Surround yourself with the smells of an old library.

If you want more Literary Candles, you can find them here.

Dragon Book Mark

14. Dragon “Do Not Disturb” Sign

Writing time is sacred to a writer. Unfortunately, most family members don’t really understand how hard it is to sit down and write for extended periods of time.


So, here’s one solution – put this on your doorknob whenever you must have that peace and quiet.

15. Bathtub Book Holder

Speaking of peace and quiet…

…I’m sure the tub is a great place to get some reading (or writing) done. Much safer than just holding a book, right?

Here’s a simpler version.

16. This Hemingway Bookmark

Just look at this little guy.

You can find more literary bookmarks here.

Coffee Mug for Writers

17. “I Turn Coffee into Books” Mug

Note: if you’re having trouble finding ones you like on Amazon, check out this Etsy Page on Writer Mugs.

Coffee Mug for Book Readers

18. For the Introverted Writer

Also works for any good book lovers in your life.

Great First Lines of Literature Mug

19. Great “First Lines” Mug

This one is covered in great first lines from classic literature. Bring on the inspiration.

I love this one.

Shakespearean insults mug

20. Shakespearean Insults Mug

…and especially this one.

Tall yellow water tumbler

21. This Travel Mug / Tumbler

Coffee and Tea = Writers’ Jet Fuel.

Without it, I don’t know if there would be any books at all. So this is a nice, practical gift for writers who like to write away from Home.

Violet Water Tumbler

22. Or This One

Here’s another one that’s slightly less “eye catching,” and just as practical.

The Most Useful Writing Tools

Gifts for writers that are practical, but not overly expensive.

The Writer's Toolbox

23. The Writer’s Toolbox

Get unstuck.

This box of exercises, creative games, and prompts will certainly get your writer… uh… writing.

Cushioned Lap Desk

24. Deep Cushioned Lap Desk

I don’t know how people live without one of these.

Most of my writing time is spent working on the couch, so this is a must when I’m at home.

Lap Desk Bamboo

25. Lightweight Lap Desk with Mousepad

Another option for a lap desk.

This one is much lighter, easier to move around, and far less cumbersome for people who like to fidget.

Luxury Lap Desk

26. Lap Desk with a Reading Light

And this one is perfect for paperback readers, or people who write by hand.

Bullet Journal Orange

27. Bullet Journal

What’s a “bullet journal?”

Why are there no lines?

Why is every page covered in dots? Watch this.

This is an awesome way to get your note-taking to the next level.

Slate Grey Writing Notebook

28. Moleskin Journal

Take this, the classic approach to note taking.

Bonus: it’s hard not to look distinguished when you whip one of these out in public.

29. Celtic Moleskin Notebook

Speaking of looking distinguished…

Thorin's Map Moleskin Journal

30. Lord of the Rings Moleskin

There’s a few different types you can get, but my favorite is Thorin’s Map from The Hobbit.

365 Day Writing Calendar

31. 365-Day Writing Calendar for 2019

Nothing kept me more motivated to KEEP WRITING last year than this.

There’s something about checking off the days that keeps you going. Calendars are great for writers who want to get more done, because it’s a massive visual reminder of how close they are to their goal.

32. Monthly Dry-Erase Calendar

Monthly calendars also work, in general, for keeping yourself accountable to your writing.

Prose Pen Writing Set

33. Prose Writing Set

Nothing makes you feel more like a professional writer…

…than holding a ridiculously nice set of fountain pens.

Literary Pencil Holder

34. This Gorgeous Pencil Holder

How can you not want this?

There’s even a tissue-box version.

Tech Gifts for Writers

Technology will obviously be more expensive, but these are the tools that serious writers use every day to read, research, and write.

The New Kindle Paperwhite

35. [New] Kindle Paperwhite

My personal favorite reading device. This is Amazon’s flagship e-reader.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I left home without this.

Kindle Oasis

36. Kindle Oasis

Technically, this is a step above the Paperwhite.

Lighter, longer battery life, and it comes with buttons for turning the page.

Pomodoro Timer

37. This Pomodoro Timer

It’s called the Pomodoro technique, and it’s perfect for writing sprints (getting a ton of words in a few minutes).

Here’s a video explanation:

Kitchen Timer for Writing

38. A Flexible Writing Timer

To you, this may appear to be a simple kitchen timer…

…to me, it’s how I track all of my writing and run word sprints on my own.

Combine this with a thoughtful note about how much you support them, and how you want to make sure they’re getting time to write.

Cheap Sound Cancelling Headphones

39. Budget Sound Cancelling Headphones

You can write almost anywhere with these.

Great option to see if they even like it

40. Mid-range Sound-cancelling Headphones

Seriously, this stuff is amazing for writers who NEED to tune out the noise.

High Quality Sound Cancelling Headphones from Bose

41. [Outstanding] High-quality Sound-cancelling Headphones from Bose

Obviously, these ones are the best sound quality of the bunch.

Note: don’t expect these to fully drown out all sound. It’s mostly to cut down on the atmospheric disruptions. That said, I don’t know how I could write without these…


42. Scrivener, Novel Writing Software

Planning a novel? Scrivener is fantastic for first-time writers who need help organizing and understanding their structure.

There are separate version for both MacOS and Windows.

Laser Keyboard

43. Laser Keyboard

For the Science Fiction Writer in your life.

Disclaimer: I have no idea how this keyboard works… but I really want to find out. Come on, a laser keyboard?

The Best Writing Devices

A writer’s laptop is a sacred thing. For most of us, it’s how we do all of our writing.

So, this gift can be tricky. Some writers need to choose one on their own. Others have a simple list of specs they require. And still others will be happy with anything that works.

With that in mind, I’ve provided some laptops from a range of prices that will work beautifully for almost any writer.

44. Lenovo Thinkpad 15.8”

My personal favorite. By far.

The Solid State Drive and decent processors let you boot up, get to your writing software quickly, AND browse the internet at crisp speeds… for research topics or reading writing blogs, of course.

It’s definitely not powerful enough to play games (which is good for cutting down on distractions).

Acer Chromebook

45. Acer Chromebook 14”

Chromebooks are the lowest cost option to get your writer started. I’ve used them a couple times, and while they won’t be lightning fast… they’re still much faster than laptops from 5+ years ago.

Note: needs to be connected to WiFi at all times to work properly.

MacBook Air

46. Apple MacBook Air 13”

For the person in your life who has to have a Mac. The specs are high quality, but so is the price.

It does look pretty slick though, and I don’t know a single writer who would complain about getting one of these.

Delicious Treats and Writer’s Fuel

There’s only one thing you can write about when you’re hungry:


I don’t know about many classic food-based heroes, so if you want to help your writer out – make sure they have the fuel to write something other than hunger.

Chocolate Tin Assorted

47. Chocolate

Chocolate is delicious, thoughtful, and VERY hard to get wrong…

…unless you’re cursed with chocolate allergies. In that case, why not try something else:

writing-wine-vini viti

48. Wine

Full disclosure: my wine drinking is like taking a picky child to a fancy restaurant. I’ll only try it if you promise me “it’s really, really good.”

So I’m going to default to this list of wines for writers.

Here’s one that sounded interesting to me: Vini Viti Vinci “Le Rougeot” Pinot Noir

“It smells like peppered cranberries in dusty trenches, and it tastes like ripe raspberries and sour black cherries strolling hand in hand down a stony Parisian street…”

And that’s what wine is all about, right? It’s about the story behind the wine – so make up whatever you want, and us writers will probably buy it.

…which means, I only try it whenever someone tells me “it’s really good.” I a fish eats plankton.

49. Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey

Writers are an emotional bunch (I should know). This will help them refuel their passions.

50. Coffee Beans

True writer’s fuel.

Here’s a few options…

Numi Tea Sampler

51. Tea, for the Distinguished Writer

This is my caffeine of choice. I usually alternate between green, early grey, and black.

So this will satisfy most tea drinkers in some way.

Novel Teas

52. Novel Teas

Good for at least one laugh, and several dozen cups of hot goodness.

Colorful Macaroons

53. Other Writer Snacks

Got a picky person on your hands?

This list will give you a good story for the snack you chose for them (and probably appeal to their ego in some way). Win-win, right?

Must-Read Books on Writing

What is the fastest way to get better at writing?

Answer: Read. A lot.

Here’s a few essential books for writers (that they might not buy for themselves):

Stephen King's On Writing

54. Stephen King’s On Writing

You’ll see this book on EVERY writing list.

This is the peak of guilt, and probably the most useful, realistic “how to get good at writing” book out there.

Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird

55. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

Writing should be expressive, cathartic, and above all else…

…writing should be fun.

Anne Lamott covers what it’s like to be a writer, and how to enjoy the process.

The Elements of Style

56. The Elements of Style

Want to improve your basic communication skills?

This is the only book you need to read. It’s surprisingly easy to get through, too.

On Writing Well

57. On Writing Well

This is a great book for ANY kind of writer:

  • Literary stories
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Memoirs, biographies, technical writing, etc.

Quiet Book Cover

58. Quiet: the Power of Introverts

The craft of writing attracts people who shy away from:

  • Crowds
  • Public Speaking
  • Raucous events where extroverted-ness is a pre-requisite to having a good time.

In any case, this is an empowering read for ALL introverts, not just writers.

Writing Down the Bones

59. Writing Down the Bones

This is a fantastic reminder for writers who want to answer, “Why do I write?”

Writer’s Reference Books

These books serve best as a constant reference for writers.

I have several of these on my bookshelf, and return to them every time I feel stuck on a certain problem.

The 3 AM Epiphany

60. The 3 A.M. Epiphany 

200+ writing exercises and prompts. Great for a writing dry spell.

The Emotion Thesaurus

70. The Emotion Thesaurus

What’s that word for when you feel…?

Crafting Dynamic Dialogue

71. Writer’s Digest on Dialogue

A collection of essays and articles on how to write better dialogue. I refer back to this all the time when I’m not sure how to make my characters talk right.

The Writer's Idea Book

72. The Writer’s Idea Book

Sort of like the 3 A.M. Epiphany, this book will teach you how to come up with new ideas, and DEVELOP them.

Creating Character Arcs

73. Creating Character Arcs

I love K. M. Weiland’s writing guides, and this is the most thorough of all her guides. Her passion for character and character arcs bleeds through the writing.

You can also find it on Audible.

Writer Emergency Pack

74. (Not a Book) Writer’s Emergency Kit

Stuck writing a scene?

This toolkit of cards, details, and “story resuscitation instructions,” should help out.

Tequila Mockingbird

75. Tequila Mockingbird

Cocktail recipes for writers. Brilliant.

Hot Dudes Reading

76. Hot Dudes Reading

I’m sure this will be offensive to someone. I think that’s the point?

Anyway, I wasn’t sure where to put this, so it’s filed as a reference book.

The Best Magazines for Writers and Readers

This is an incredibly easy gift to give…

…and for some reason, writers tend to overlook magazines. So I’ve collected a few that I love to read, or that I find helpful for writers.


77. Writer’s Digest

OK, I’m a little biased, since I sometimes write for Writer’s Digest

BUT, you will never go wrong with this magazine. Every writer will love it. It’s absolutely stuffed with useful advice, interesting articles, and writing related accessories.

Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine

78. Asimov’s

The old famous.

Many of today’s most popular Science Fiction and Fantasy authors had their early stories published here.

This is great material for any aspiring author to read.

79. The New Yorker

A classic magazine, The New Yorker is always good.

Probably not the best for younger readers and writers, but mature individuals should love it.

Fantasy and Science Fiction

80. Science Fiction and Fantasy

This one covers more fantasy than the others on this list.

They make it pretty easy to buy as a gift for your family/friends.

Clarkesworld Magazine

81. Clarkesworld

One of my favorite science fiction publications.

Similar to Asimov’s. Can you tell I love Science Fiction?

Glimmer Train Winter Cover 2018

82. Glimmer Train

Magical stories that suck you in. It’s hard to label this one with a genre, but they definitely tilt towards contemporary/literary.

Incredible Services

So your writer already has everything...

Or maybe the thing they’re missing the most… is not a thing.

Audible Logo

83. Give an Audible Subscription

I love audible. I hate saying that I love one giant company’s product, but audible has truly changed my reading life.

There are so many things you can do while listening to an audiobook, and this study showed that story retention is essentially identical to reading.

Use this code to get two books FREE from Audible (for new members). 

Kindle App Logo

84. Kindle Unlimited

I have a few colleagues who swear by Kindle Unlimited.

Basically, it’s a subscription to the Kindle library – including exclusives you can’t from anywhere else.

Brickwork Retreat House

85. Writing Retreats

This is a serious “You mean so much to me” gift.

It’s going to mean the WORLD to any writer, because it shows immense support for their craft.

…it’s also extremely expensive.

This post has a few to consider, including:

  • Wellspring House (Ashfield, Massachusetts, $260-$280/week)
  • The Moth (Cavan, Ireland, €300, or about $355 a week)
  • The Watering Hole Winter Retreat  – ( McCormick, South Carolina, $299–$399)


86. The Writing Excuses Cruise

Want to go WITH your writer on a vacation?

This cruise, brought to you by the famous Writing Excuses podcast, has plenty to do for writers and family/friends alike.

Starbucks Merry Christmas Gift CardStarbucks Merry Christmas Gift Cardstarbucks gift card

87. A Coffee Shop Giftcard

This one is a little smaller than a Writer’s Retreat or Cruise. But still. This is a fantastic excuse to:

  1. Get a ridiculously delicious drink
  2. Spend a couple hours writing.

Barnes and Noble Gift Card

88. Or, a Barnes and Noble Gift Card

I still remember walking in to Barnes and Noble as a kid, and being told I could pick ANY book under $10.

Now they have an online store, there’s almost no reason not to shop there again.

Masterclass Logo

89. MasterClass

Intimate, self-paced online writing lessons from the greatest living authors of our time.

These classes are outstanding. Simply outstanding. I can’t recommend these courses enough. 


DuoTrope Logo

90. DuoTrope or Writer’s Market

Where are you trying to get published?

Is your story “marketable?”

Get definite answers to these questions with subscriptions to DuoTrope or Writer’s Market.

Writer's Digest Logo

91. Writer’s Digest Gift Card

What will a gift card to Writer’s Digest get you?

Numerous services, books, and opportunities abound on their website.

They are so much more than just a magazine these days.

Woman teaching a writer's workshop

92. Take Them to a Writing Workshop

Get your writer out of the house.

Find a writer’s workshop near you, and check out the tickets.

This is one of the best ways to help them make writer friends, and kick their story up several notches.


Conclusion | What is the Best Gift for Your Writer?

Buy their book.

Tell them how much you loved it, and think about giving them a 5-star review on places like Amazon or Goodreads.

It doesn’t cost much… and it will mean the world to them.

That’s it for this massive list of Writer’s Gift Ideas. I hope I could at least spark some ideas for your Christmas, Holiday, or Birthday shopping list.

3 Quick Questions Before You Go…

  • What was your favorite gift idea?
  • What was the best writing gift you ever received?
  • What is the gift you would love to get this year and why is it the laser keyboard? (Seriously, think of all the places you could write).

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