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The 9 Best Podcasts for Fiction Writers and Indie Authors

The best writing podcasts bring content that’s unusually difficult to get anywhere else:

  • News from the indie writing world
  • Fiction craft advice from a wide variety of sources
  • Intimate, transparent interviews with highly-successful authors

But let’s not overlook the key to a great writing podcast: a high-energy host that you LOVE listening to.

When you’re in a writing slump, go for a walk, put on your favorite writing podcast, and listen to your favorite people talk about writing. What’s not to love?

With these criteria in mind, here is a list of the best podcasts for fiction writers and indie authors. All but one of these podcasts is still going strong today (and that one broke my heart. You’ll see in a moment).

Listen, and let their infectious energy get you excited about writing, right now:

1. Writing Excuses

Writing Excuses is the gold-standard for the craft of writing. With a huge variety of guests and co-hosts—most of whom are world-renowned fiction writers—this is the perfect podcast for writers new and veteran. I am especially partial to the early episodes when record-smashing author, Brandon Sanderson, was a huge contributor.

Listen to this podcast if you want to:

Here’s a great episode to get you started: 

Listen to Writing Excuses: Deep Dive into Character

2. The Creative Penn

Joanna Penn might be the sunniest person to ever grace podcasting. I love her constant positivity and upbeat, adventurous style. Over the years, I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of her podcast – and I always walk away with some new idea that I’m excited about. 

She is a keen independent author, and loves to talk about major news and implications of changes from the indie publishing word. Joanna prides herself in staying on the bleeding edge of writing, and I think she does a noble job of trying things most of us would never dream of.

Listen to this podcast if you want:

  • Major Indie publishing news
  • Great interviews on the business of indie publishing
  • The sunniest personality in all podcasting (seriously, she’s wonderful)

Listen to The Creative Penn: Intuitive Editing

3. Six Figure Authors

This one hurts. Let me tell you why:

I discovered Six Figure Authors a few months ago, and instantly fell in love. 

You know when you can’t stop reading a book until it’s finished? I listened to all 120 episodes, almost non-stop, because this podcast was exactly what I wanted: in-depth thoughts on the business of being an independent author, from authors who are actually in the business.

A few weeks later, I finally caught up to the newest episode. And on that day, they announced they were ending the podcast. You could hear the crack as my heart broke into pieces. Still, they’ve said they might come back in the future, so I’m holding on to hope. 

Listen to this podcast if you want:

  • Indie publishing strategies that work
  • A cozy roundtable of indie authors who tell it like it is
  • True insight into the life of successful independent authors (how do they do it? How can you do it?)

Listen to Six Figure Authors: Myths about Success in Self-Publishing

4. Fated Mates

I wish so much there was a podcast like this for Science Fiction and Fantasy authors, because Fated Mates is a goofy joy to listen to. And I don’t even write Romance.

Our hosts, a romance author and a romance critic, make a hilarious duo as they dive deep into what makes a good romance story. From basic plot elements, to in-depth mechanics, to the overall publishing mentality, this is the perfect podcast for romance authors.

Listen to this podcast if you:

  • Are a romance author
  • Seriously. That’s it. If you care about the romance genre at all, this is your podcast. 

Listen to Fated Mates: Sarah J. Maas on Sailor Moon, Writing Sex and Second Books

5. Write Now

Let the writing positivity flow. This podcast is a mix of great interviews, inspiration, and “get your head on straight” mentality built specifically for writers. Sarah Werner digs into the trials and travails of a writing life well lived. She helps listeners navigate the obstacles that only writers face. 

Listen to this podcast if you want:

  • A more positive writing mindset
  • Interviews with outstanding authors that get real
  • To find out how to not go crazy while pursuing your writing dreams

Listen to Write Now: Regaining Your Magic 

6. Fiction Writing Made Easy

Craft your writing to perfection. Well, not perfection, because perfection doesn’t exist, but you know. Write better. 

This podcast is all about guiding you to write “stories that work,” without getting overwhelmed. Savannah gives you steps to improve your writing craft, and wouldn’t you know it, this stuff is ridiculously helpful. Each episode is a quick bite, so I often find myself scrolling through and finding one that talks about my specific problem at the time. 

Listen to this podcast if you want:

  • Writing advice in bite-sized chunks
  • Step-by-step writing help that won’t overwhelm you

Listen to Fiction Writing Made Easy: 5 Reasons Why Readers Stop Reading

7. The Self Publishing Show

If you want to self-publish a book, listen to this show. 

I won’t lie: often, I skip the banter at the beginning of each episode. I’m here for the interviews. The questions are fantastic, and the guests are so transparent with their process, their beliefs, and their successes that you’ll find it impossible to NOT learn something from each episode.

Listen to this if you want to:

  • Become a successful self-published author
  • Or learn how to get better at the business of self-publishing

Listen to The Self Publishing Show: How to Balance Writing with a Busy Lifestyle

8. Helping Writers Become Authors 

K. M. Weiland is my favorite teacher when it comes to dissecting plot and understanding how the broader elements of fiction should fit together. Her podcast is full of insight, structure, and wisdom for authors in sweet, bite-sized chunks. She is especially talented at helping writers create more engaging storylines using proven techniques from all kinds of stories.

Listen to this if you want to:

  • Write better plots
  • Create addictive scenes that hook your readers
  • Internalize great writing practices until they become automatic

Listen to Helping Writers Become Authors: 9 Ways to Approach Relationship Dynamics in Fiction

9. Writer’s Ink

This podcast is all about the interviews.

Big-name authors, NYT bestsellers, and millionaire writers talk about their lives and how they found their paths to success.

These guys somehow wrangle some of the most incredibly-talented guests, and get them to talk (sometimes for a solid hour) about their writing life, their thought processes, and the mistakes great authors try to avoid.

Listen to this if you want:

  • Great interviews with world-renowned authors
  • The secrets that master writers think about while they write
  • Traditionally published and prolific authors explaining how they found success

Listen to Writer’s Ink: Staying on Schedule with Elissa Sussman

Conclusion: Why Writers Love Podcasts

There’s nothing better than going for a walk, putting in your earphones, and listening to the latest episode of your favorite podcast. For me, those podcasts happen to be about writing. 

When you’ve been staring at a screen all day lost in your own world, listening to authors talk about writing can work wonders for your creativity. These are the best podcasts I could find for stirring up excitement, helping you master your fiction, and lighting the fire of inspiration for your next writing session.

This list has all of my favorite podcasts, but there are dozens of other great ones out there. 

What do you think? Did I help you find your new favorite? 

Are there any podcasts you recommend writers should check out next?

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