You might be surprised by all the "hidden gems" for writers on YouTube:

  • Interviews with Bestselling authors
  • Consistently updated Writing Channels
  • And even full-length Writing Courses... 100% free

It ain't easy to find them all.

Well, it wasn't for me.

But for you - I've compiled all the best YouTube Writing Channels and Videos here in one simple list, so you can better achieve to your writing goals:

1. Full Writing Semesters Classes with Brandon Sanderson

If you are a writer...

And you opened this article on accident. AND, this was the only thing you read - you would be very lucky.

Brandon has at least 3 full semesters of writing classes in various spots on YouTube. Hands down, the most useful writing courses on YouTube.

  1. Watch his 2012 course here.
  2. Watch his 2014 course here.
  3. Watch his 2016 course here.

Who should watch this?

Fantasy, Science Fiction, and genre writers.

Also, anyone who wants to finish a novel THIS YEAR.

2. Stephen King

Have you heard of Stephen King?


OK, but have you heard him talk about writing?

Who should watch this?

Anyone who cares about writing better, more engaging stories.

King also has an amazing writing master class here.

3. 7 Basics of Prose with Katytastic

It's hard for me to recommend YouTube channels from unpublished authors...

...but for Katytastic, I make an exception. Her videos are fun, enthusiastic, and inspiring for new writers:

4. Pixar and Conflict with K. M. Weiland

Unfortunately, K. M. Weiland's YouTube channel seems to be dead...

Fortunately, there's still tons of good content here.

And if you want to keep up with her now, you can find Weiland's website (and her podcast) here.

5. Want to Self Publish? Listen to Joanna Penn.

Joanna Penn knows everything about the Self Publishing business:

  • How to grow your audience
  • How to actually make money
  • And how to get better at writing while self publishing

Here's one of the better interview on her YouTube Channel about writing better dialogue.

You can also find her podcast and blog here.

6. Neil Gaiman on Writing, Books at Google

For writers, Neil Gaiman is both:

  • Hilarious
  • Inspiring

Turns out, he's great on stage as well. Here's one of my favorites:

7. An Editor's Take on Writing (Ellen Brock)

Ellen Brock is a professional editor that wants you to GO WRITE YOUR NOVEL.

Her videos are filled with writing advice, fixes, and publishing thoughts.

8. Dan Harmon's "Story Circle" with Chris Fox

Chris Fox regularly updates his channel with writing advice. He's also written numerous books on writing, as well as novels in the thriller, science fiction, and other genres.

9. J. K. Rowling Talks about How to Write (When You Have a Life)

J. K. Rowling has an amazing imagination.

She's also really good at writing unique characters (you can steal her techniques here).

Listen to her talk about her writing process:

10. Advice for Aspiring Writers

Aspiring writers might like this one.

It's short, and it talks about realistic expectations for becoming a writer.

11. Become a Bestselling Author

The title is a bit click-baity, but this is a good one.

Mostly, it talks about how to enjoy writing more.

Ideally, when you love writing, you'll write more, get better, and write some best sellers.

12. Screenwriters: Let's Go Insane Together

Lessons from the Screenplay covers what makes a masterpiece in film... and how to write one.

Here's one of my favorites:

13. Penguin Random House | Writer's Academy

I can't believe how few views this channel gets.

These are amazing masterclasses, sponsored by an actual publisher.

Here's one on creating characters:

14. Another Full Session on Character with Aaron Sorkin

Well, while we're talking about character, here's another one I found after several hours of YouTube diving...

15. George R. R. Martin's Master Class on Writing

George R. R. Martin is a master of building a full cast of characters.

He's also, you know, kinda famous right now.

Here's his full masterclass on writing:

16. Is Your Writing Good?

OK, so we've heard mostly from other writers.

What about the Editors? What about a panel of Editors?

This one will show you what editors are looking for in great writing.

17. Vivien Reis on Words You NEED to Avoid

Another great channel - and this one is still updated!

Vivien gives clear, simple advice for writers. Both new and experienced writers can learn from this one:

18. Shaelin Talks about Plot Structure

Shaelin Bishop has a surprising amount of books.

It's hard to write that much without discovering a lot of writing tips.

Here, she talks about how important it is to structure your plot:

19. The Worst Writing Advice on YouTube

Can you learn from awful writing?


In fact... you can learn a lot. Just watch:

Did I Miss Any?

What are your favorite writing YouTube channels + videos?

Which ones do you watch regularly?

Thanks for reading... I mean, watching! Leave me a comment, and I'll be sure to reply.