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15 Do’s and Don’ts for Writers: Holidays, Family, and How to Deal with Them

Uh oh.

It’s Aunt Dolores. 

You can smell her leaning over your shoulder (too much perfume with a hint of wet cat).

She thinks she’s sneaky, her laser-pointer eyes locked on your screen.

You try not to cringe. You close your screen, grateful that you weren’t working on that “romantic climax” scene in act three.

“Soooo!” she chirps, “Your mother tells me you want to be a writer!”

Turn, smile, and pray that she won’t ask you-

“And what are you writing? It better not be any of that spacey, science-y nonsense.

She keeps talking without giving you time to answer…

“You know what books you should write? You should write like that one author, you know who I mean – oh, he’s so dreamy, you know the one-”

This one is for all the writers who will get cornered by family members this holiday season.

Read this and you will be more productive during this most trying time for writers.
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Harry Potter and the Irresistible Chapters

How to Make Every Chapter an Irresistible “Page Turner.”

Short post, (because I’m kicking NaNoWriMo’s ass).

Let’s say, you just wrote a chapter.

You worked hard on it. You followed the outline. You’re pretty sure it’s the greatest thing anyone has ever written.

Until, a week later, you re-read it …

…it’s a boring, drivel-ly, snot-filled MESS.

When did this Chapter get so boring?

There is a fix. This technique will instantly make all your chapters irresistible page turners, and readers will glue themselves to your book:

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How to Succeed at NaNoWriMo badge

The 5 Keys to Succeed (and Stomp All Over) NaNoWriMo

Only an an unstoppable killing writing machine will find success from NaNoWriMo.

You need to obsess.

You need laser focus.

But most of all, you need a secret weapon…

This post will replace your normal, boring human feet and replace them with a set of iron clompers.

With these, you will stomp all over NaNoWriMo like it’s made of bubblewrap and empty eggshells:

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Girl excited to start NaNoWriMo 2016

9 strong reasons why writers should PLUNGE into NaNoWriMo

Image courtesy of Jon Candy via Flickr Creative Commons

NaNoWriMo is the Olympics of the Writing World…

…except you are the sole representative of your country. And you have to do every single sport. Everyday.

It’s also kinda like spending a month in solitary confinement, but with more caffeine. The goal of NaNo is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. That’s 1667 words per day.

In short: it’s grueling.

But the rewards outweigh the mind-crushing, soul-smothering moderate difficulties.

Do you want to call yourself a writer? Here are 9 reasons why you should say “fork it” and plunge into NaNoWriMo:

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A Professional Question of Murder – (Flash Fiction)

In this line of work there were few answers, and many questions.

One question, in particular, stuck out like a knife from a dead man’s chest: “Could you ever kill a friend?”

For years, Blay the Assassin thought about it, turning it over and over in the quiet hours of the long, cold nights. The unanswered question never diminished. Blay’s passion for the craft, however, did. He found himself a rich man, and even the luster of “professional power-shifting” had grown tiresome to him.

Blay the Assassin was done.

Or so he thought.

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