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How To Write Characters From Different Cultures

How Can You Write Diverse Characters (without Stereotyping)?

In this age of extreme opinions, it’s hard to write diverse characters…

…which means you should write them anyway.

We live in an age where the most dramatic opinion always gets attention:

  • Extreme social justice movements on one side
  • And horrendously disrespectful ideologies growing (should I say mutating?) on the other

Right now, writing about other cultures and backgrounds feels like a minefield.

Should you write characters from outside your own background or culture?

…and how do you do it?

In this article, I’ll give you a few guidelines to navigate through the minefield.

These guidelines will enable you to respectfully portray “other” characters – without making them plain, boring, or predictable. Continue reading How Can You Write Diverse Characters (without Stereotyping)?

How to Succeed at NaNoWriMo badge

The 5 Keys to Succeed (and Stomp All Over) NaNoWriMo

Only an an unstoppable killing writing machine will find success from NaNoWriMo.

You need to obsess.

You need laser focus.

But most of all, you need a secret weapon…

This post will replace your normal, boring human feet and replace them with a set of iron clompers.

With these, you will stomp all over NaNoWriMo like it’s made of bubblewrap and empty eggshells:

Continue reading The 5 Keys to Succeed (and Stomp All Over) NaNoWriMo