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Patrick Hoffman | Freelance Writer & Expert Marketer

Howdy 🙂

My name is Patrick, and I'm a freelance writer & marketer based in Texas. I also write novels about amazing characters and alien worlds, but you're probably here for my portfolio, right?

Let me show you what I can do for your business:

Boost Your Engagement and Drive More Sales

My freelance work has earned 5 million+ views and countless sales. I specialize in creating valuable content for agencies and businesses who want to grow right now.

Whether you need high-ranking blogs, carefully-researched scripts, or landing pages that generate an incredible ROI, I will create the perfect content for your business.

What Can I Write for You?

  • Expertly-crafted SEO content that puts your business top of mind
  • Email campaigns that earn you a surprising amount of clicks & sales
  • Digital copywriting designed to tell your best story and generate consistent, high-value results

Contact me if you want to discuss working together, or check out my portfolio below.

Contact: Please email author@pshoffman.com, and I’ll get back to you within two business days. 

Patrick Hoffman's Portfolio

SEO and Lead Generation for an Agency

Financial Tech Blog for Writers

Sales Generation Email for SAAS

Product Landing Pages for SAAS

Script and Presentation for Healthcare

Affiliate Content for Readers

Social Media Blog for an Agency

SEO Content for Gaming


What are Your Rates?

My rates begin at $55/hour for hourly projects. Projects with set goals (for example, if you need 10 articles this month) vary depending on the industry and strategy.

Contact me above, and we'll figure out the perfect price for your project.

How Long Will a Project Take?

I spend 20-30 hours a week freelance writing. Depending on your needs, I can turn a blog post or landing page around in a few days.

Will I Love Working with You?

Almost certainly!

My goal is to create a great, professional experience for the both of us. That means I am easy to work with, and I always work with serious intent.

Together, we will create great things.

Oh! You're still here?

Send me an email if you have any more questions: author@pshoffman.com

Thank you for considering me :)