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The 17 Best Fantasy Books of 2020

Looking for your newest favorite fantasy novel? Here's a quick list for the Best Fantasy Books of 2020.

19 Best Writing Channels on YouTube

The Best Writing Channels on YouTube... are surprisingly plentiful. Find 19 of your next writing classes right here!

21 Quick Writing Tips from 21 Drafts

After 21 drafts of the same short story... I learned 21 things that I need to share with you. These will make a huge difference when you start writing your next story.

The Most Important Rule of Writing?

What do you care about most? The First Law of Writing is the one most new writers forget.
Why aren't you writing about what you love?

How to (Actually) Cure Writer’s Block

Writer's Block is real. But the problem is... we don't know which writer's block we have. Read this, and you'll know how to cure all 3 types.

Why There Are No "Rules" in Writing

There are no rules in writing. Don't believe it? Read this - and you'll understand why it's called the Zeroth Law.

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