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How to Kill Your Inner Perfectionist and Write More

Do you often procrastinate when it’s time to write?
Are you afraid to put out “bad writing?”
Are you obsessed with the results of your writing, rather than the joy of actually writing?
Do you set writing goals that sound good, but are impossible to reach?

13 Smart Shortcuts to Write Brilliant Characters

Everybody loves reading about a smart character who wields her intelligence like a battle-ax. But how do you actually write […]

The 13 Best Science Fiction Books of 2018

What are the best science fiction reads in 2018? This list has it all - wormholes, grimdark, Douglas Adams-style humor, and the very latest mind-bending scifi books.

12 Common Mistakes Editors are Sick of Seeing

What are the 12 most common mistakes authors make? I interviewed professional editors to find out...

26 Ways to Write "Instantly Likable" Characters (Part 2)

Want to write more likable characters? Want readers to "beg for more" of your protagonists? Check this out: the second half of the series.

26 Ways to Write "Instantly Likable" Characters

Want people to actually finish your stories? You need to make them care about the characters first. Here's the first part of the list: "26 ways to write likable characters."

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