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The 17 Best Fantasy Books of 2020

Looking for your newest favorite fantasy novel? Here's a quick list for the Best Fantasy Books of 2020.

26 Ways to Write "Instantly Likable" Characters

Want people to actually finish your stories? You need to make them care about the characters first. Here's the first part of the list: "26 ways to write likable characters."

How Brandon Sanderson Motivates His (Incredible) Main Characters

Writing great character motivations requires these 4 steps. With these, you will be able to turn any of your characters into living, breathing people with real lives.

...hopefully, their real lives are devastatingly interesting, so you’ll write books that people will beg to read.

7 Secrets to Powerful Character Motives

Armed with these seven secrets, you’ll have a much easier time creating characters that feel alive.

Your readers will cheer for them, feel every failure, and won’t be able to put your books down.

5 Ways to Describe Your Character (Without Actually Describing Them)

Want a better way to show what your character looks like? Stop describing them - and start using these 5 strategies to create vivid, beautiful characters.

How Can You Write Diverse Characters (without Stereotyping)?

Want to write characters from different Cultures? Backgrounds? What about other races and privilege levels? This will make sure you do it in a way that engages your audience... while respecting other demographics.

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