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How to (Actually) Get Better at Writing by Reading

Here's an ancient strategy that will improve your writing: Find a writing master Read their work... ...and copy all the […]

How to Craft a Distinct Character Voice

Do all your characters sound the same?You are losing readers. Read this to make all your dialogue rapid-fire and intense.

89+ Outstanding Gifts for Writers and Storytellers

Need great gift ideas for a writer? Wouldn’t it be great if there was some giant, massive, so-big-it-could-serve-as-a-second-moon list of […]

How to Create Extraordinary Heroes

How do you write a hero who stands out? Not any ordinary hero... ...we're talking about writing a hero who […]

Should You Quit NaNoWriMo? Here's 13 Reasons to Keep Writing

Should you quit NaNoWriMo? Or is there one really good reason to keep going...? This list is for the people teetering on the edge of "giving up."

13 Smart Shortcuts to Write Brilliant Characters

Everybody loves reading about a smart character who wields her intelligence like a battle-ax. But how do you actually write […]

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