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How Great Characters Make Great Stories

There are no great stories without great characters. Great characters feel real, which makes their stories feel real. Here's why it matters.

Hemingway’s 7 Tricks to Immersive Dialogue

Want to write dialogue like Hemingway? Read this to gain a quick mastery over dialogue conflict and character speech patterns.

15 Do’s and Don’ts for Writers: Holidays, Family, and How to Deal with Them

Want to write during the Holidays? These tips will make sure you survive your family and get a ton of writing done.

How to Take Any Story from "Boring" to "Dangerously Exciting"

Bored of your book? Want to write exciting fiction? With these, you will turn your boring story into an unforgettable one.

How to Make Every Chapter an Irresistible “Page Turner.”

Write chapters that your readers will gobble up like fire burning paper - read this! Your books will be irresistible...

How to Write Characters Who Feel Alive

These ideas will make your major characters more life-like. Readers will engage faster and get swept up in their lives.

Follow these three techniques and your characters will pop off the page and dance into your readers' imaginations.

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