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Here are My 2023 Writing & Publishing Goals (as a Part-Time Author)

As a “semi-professional” author—one who gets paid, but not enough to live on—I’m attempting to write more words and to […]

Too Many Characters? | A "Star Wars" Writing Tip

Do you have too many characters in your story? Get rid of the problem with these three writing fixes from Star Wars.

19 Current Resources for Horror Fiction Writers

Want to write better horror? Start here: 19 different places to improve your horror writing abilities instantly.

How J.K. Rowling Describes Unforgettable Characters (With Examples)

How does J.K. Rowling write such memorable characters? She uses one trick in all of her Physical Descriptions...

How to Write the Perfect Backstory for Any Character

It took me seventeen rewrites (and one editor) before this dawned on me: The MAIN reason my readers didn't care […]

5 Common Dialogue Writing Mistakes

Good dialogue will punch you in the chest. It will swing like a fist out of the dark, and when […]

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