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How do you plot, outline, and actually write a novel?

How should you structure your story? What arc should your character take? What methods do professional authors use to consistently write amazing books?

You'll find answers to all of these questions in this category. Here, I'll show you how to achieve your highest writing goals, and finally earn the writing recognition you dream about.

Here are My 2023 Writing & Publishing Goals (as a Part-Time Author)

As a “semi-professional” author—one who gets paid, but not enough to live on—I’m attempting to write more words and to […]

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How to Set Author Goals (You'll Actually Achieve) in 2023

Writing goals are a must-have for authors at every stage. Set the right goals, and you will achieve great things. This guide will show you how...

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My 2022 Writing Goals | End of Year Update

In January 2022, I shared my yearly goals. I said I would write and edit: Want to see how I […]

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The Top 10 Ways to Write Better Right Now

Stop thinking about writing better, and start doing it. This guide will show you 10 ways to improve your fiction writing instantly.

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The 7.5 Best Books to Become a Great Writer

Looking for the best books to improve your writing skills? This list includes the best books from great writers, indie authors, and more.

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