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Category: Character Creation

Write better characters.

Here, you will find all the advice and resources you need to create more addicting characters.

From incredible Heroes to terrifying villains, and everything in between, you will see the strategies and techniques professional authors and writers use to create characters your readers will never forget.

Here, we will cover descriptions, dialogue, character choices, motivations, and so much more.

How to Write the Perfect Backstory for Any Character

It took me seventeen rewrites (and one editor) before this dawned on me: The MAIN reason my readers didn't care […]

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How to Write Characters Who Feel Alive

These ideas will make your major characters more life-like. Readers will engage faster and get swept up in their lives.

Follow these three techniques and your characters will pop off the page and dance into your readers' imaginations.

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How Many Characters Should Your Story Have?

Your main goal as writer is to get your reader's attention.

If your readers can't remember who's who in your story, you're done.

This guide will help you figure out how many characters your story needs, and how to root out the useless characters.

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Why Your Characters Need a Defining Moment

I only went to see Zootopia because of the sloths... ...but I learned a pretty powerful writing lesson along the […]

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