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Category: Character Creation

Write better characters.

Here, you will find all the advice and resources you need to create more addicting characters.

From incredible Heroes to terrifying villains, and everything in between, you will see the strategies and techniques professional authors and writers use to create characters your readers will never forget.

Here, we will cover descriptions, dialogue, character choices, motivations, and so much more.

7 Secrets to Powerful Character Motives

Armed with these seven secrets, you’ll have a much easier time creating characters that feel alive.

Your readers will cheer for them, feel every failure, and won’t be able to put your books down.

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5 Ways to Describe Your Character (Without Actually Describing Them)

Want a better way to show what your character looks like? Stop describing them - and start using these 5 strategies to create vivid, beautiful characters.

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How Can You Write Diverse Characters (without Stereotyping)?

Want to write characters from different Cultures? Backgrounds? What about other races and privilege levels? This will make sure you do it in a way that engages your audience... while respecting other demographics.

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Too Many Characters? | A "Star Wars" Writing Tip

Do you have too many characters in your story? Get rid of the problem with these three writing fixes from Star Wars.

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How J.K. Rowling Describes Unforgettable Characters (With Examples)

How does J.K. Rowling write such memorable characters? She uses one trick in all of her Physical Descriptions...

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