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Category: Character Creation

Write better characters.

Here, you will find all the advice and resources you need to create more addicting characters.

From incredible Heroes to terrifying villains, and everything in between, you will see the strategies and techniques professional authors and writers use to create characters your readers will never forget.

Here, we will cover descriptions, dialogue, character choices, motivations, and so much more.

How to Create Extraordinary Heroes

How do you write a hero who stands out? Not any ordinary hero... ...we're talking about writing a hero who […]

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13 Smart Shortcuts to Write Brilliant Characters

Everybody loves reading about a smart character who wields her intelligence like a battle-ax. But how do you actually write […]

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26 Ways to Write "Instantly Likable" Characters (Part 2)

Want to write more likable characters? Want readers to "beg for more" of your protagonists? Check this out: the second half of the series.

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26 Ways to Write "Instantly Likable" Characters

Want people to actually finish your stories? You need to make them care about the characters first. Here's the first part of the list: "26 ways to write likable characters."

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How Brandon Sanderson Motivates His (Incredible) Main Characters

Writing great character motivations requires these 4 steps. With these, you will be able to turn any of your characters into living, breathing people with real lives.

...hopefully, their real lives are devastatingly interesting, so you’ll write books that people will beg to read.

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