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Write better characters.

Here, you will find all the advice and resources you need to create more addicting characters.

From incredible Heroes to terrifying villains, and everything in between, you will see the strategies and techniques professional authors and writers use to create characters your readers will never forget.

Here, we will cover descriptions, dialogue, character choices, motivations, and so much more.

How Great Characters Make Great Stories

There are no great stories without great characters. Great characters feel real, which makes their stories feel real. Here's why it matters.

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How to Write High Agency Characters

What is Character Agency? How do you write characters with High Agency? This guide will help you write more active main characters and keep your readers glued to the page...

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5 Ways to Create the Perfect Character Name

Need the perfect name for your character? Before you dive into the endless fountains of name generators, here's something to […]

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The 12 Secrets of Character Description

Create perfect, visual descriptions of your characters everytime. These writing secrets will help you carve out more intricate, life-like characters.

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How to Develop a Truly Great Character (That Readers Will Adore)

If you want to create a great story, you need to learn how to develop great characters. Your audience will […]

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