Humanity went extinct thousands of years ago. But the beings left behind still worship them like gods…

No one remembers what killed the gods. After they disappeared, alien cultures flourished in humanity’s crumbling ruins and overgrown megastructures. Some alien empires have even learned to scavenge and harness their ancient technology…

Eolh is an old, jaded thief who lives in the darkest corner of a city conquered by one such empire. His home, his gang, and almost everyone he knew was killed by the Empire when they first opened the gate, and razed the city.

But that was a long time ago.

Now, the resistance is dead. No one dreams of fighting back—for the Empire wields the weapons of the gods: warships that fly, robotic constructs that hunt, and strange “gates” that open the way to distant worlds.

These terrifying, ancient miracles have allowed the Empire to dominate Eolh’s world. Thanks to his personal set of rules, Eolh has learned to stop caring. Instead, he sells his services as a freelance listener for the gangs of Lowtown.

And he always works alone.

But when an unusual heist takes a deadly turn, Eolh finds himself face to face with an overzealous android who carries an impossible secret that is destined to shake the foundations of the universe.

Eolh may have found one last hope for salvation.

For his city? Maybe. Or maybe just for himself…

THE LAST HUMAN is now available on Amazon:

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The Last Human is perfect for fans of epic Science Fantasies like Dune and Star Wars. With a unique twist on the “chosen one” fantasy, this far-future space opera will take you on a journey across incredible worlds filled with alien cultures, and features a cast of underdog characters who refuse to give up hope as galactic empires rise and fall, and dangerous ancient wonders reawaken.

In countless prophecies, across unknown worlds, all this was foretold:

One day, a human god will return.

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