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Cover Reveal for The Last Human (Bonus: Map Inside)

It's finally here.

I've been working on The Human Gods series since late 2020. After writing three books in the series, it's finally getting published.

After extensive edits, additions, polishing, and commissioned art...

...it's time.

Here's the cover, crafted by the talented David Leahey who helped me bring these ideas to life:

The Last Human - Book Cover

And as promised...

Here is the map that features the main city of The Last Human.

This is a hand-drawn creation, designed to mimic the cartographers of the early industrial era, down to that artfully crafted style, and dedication to its "in-world" commissioner.

Map of the Cauldron for The Last Human

View the High-Resolution Version Here.

Map of the Cauldron

of the world of GAIAM

Corrected and Illustrated 1371 by Cynthus of Cyre, I.S.G. 

Commissioned by High Magistrate
Floratian Locutus Secaius. 

For the Glory of the EMPIRE.

Points of Interest

  1. The Gate
  2. The Statue
  3. The Hanging Palaces
  4. Highcity
  5. The Flying Bridge
  6. Asaiyam’s tower
  7. Royal Gardens
  8. Midcity
  9. The Leaning Tower
  10. Lowtown
  11. The Cliffs
  12. The Vium Cyruam
  13. The Upper Wash

Thank you to all the incredible artists who helped me make this dream a reality.

And if you haven't yet, get your copy of The Last Human here.

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