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Cover Reveal: Fantastic Characters and How to Write Them

I wrote a book about developing better characters, and I’m thrilled to finally show you what it looks like. 

Fantastic Characters and How to Write Them Book Cover

Above, you’ll find the beautiful cover art designed by Kelly Carter.

Fantastic Characters releases on October 18th. It'll be available in paperback and as a workbook, or you can preorder the ebook right here:

Book Description

Fantastic characters make unforgettable stories.

If you want the power to make your readers fall in love …

If you want to write characters we’ll remember forever …

If you want readers to devour your stories and beg for more

You must create fantastic characters. The good news: you already have the power to write them. 

This book will help you unlock your greatest storytelling gift, and create characters that readers can’t resist.

I’m P. S. Hoffman, and I’ve been researching, writing, and blogging about characters for 7 years. This book contains everything I’ve learned from the best romance, science fiction, and fantasy authors on character development. It includes development mindsets, techniques to instantly improve your existing characters, and tools used by best-selling authors to craft more addictive heroes and villains.

Perhaps best of all, you will have way more fun writing than you ever thought possible.

You will discover:

Part 1: Why Characters Matter

  • What makes a fantastic character?
  • How to keep readers hooked with better characters
  • Where do bestselling authors find inspiration for their characters?

Part 2: How to Instantly Write Better Characters

  • The #1 secret to better characters
  • Why they must want something
  • How to craft intense motivations
  • Using internal conflict to keep readers engaged
  • How to write richer backstories (without slowing down)
  • Crafting truly memorable names
  • Creating a magnetic voice that sticks in readers’ minds

Part 3: How to Write Eye-Catching Descriptions

  • How do you describe a character? 
  • 8 Techniques for outstanding descriptions
  • What is description without description?
  • How to make readers fall in love with your character’s personality
  • 23+ endearing traits and fatal flaws

Part 4: How to Write Supremely Addictive Characters

  • How to write high-agency characters
  • Why is character growth so enthralling?
  • How do you write character progression?
  • How to make progression endlessly exciting
  • Creating your character’s ultimate destiny

If you want to develop deeply fascinating characters, then buy Fantastic Characters today.

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