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I write books for authors, and books for science fiction & fantasy readers.

Below, you’ll find my newest releases, available to buy in ebook and paperback. You can also get my books for free if you request them through your library app or from your local library.

Fantastic Characters and How to Write Them Book Cover

A Guide for Writers

Fantastic Characters and How to Write Them

Discover the techniques to writing characters your readers will never forget.

  • If you want the power to make your readers fall in love…
  • If you want to write characters we’ll remember forever…
  • If you want readers to devour your stories and beg for more

… then you must create fantastic characters. This book will help you unlock your greatest storytelling gifts, and create fantastic characters your readers will love.

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The Last Human - Book Cover

A Science Fiction Novel with Elements of Epic Fantasy

The Last Human (Book #1 of The Human Gods)

HUMANITY died thousands of years ago…

… but they are still worshiped as GODS.

Alien civilizations flourish in humanity’s crumbling cities and fallen megastructures. One Empire has learned to harness the remains of humanity’s forgotten technology to reconnect and dominate worlds.

When a jaded alien thief finds himself face to face with an ancient android, he discovers an impossible secret that is destined to shake the foundations of his world … and the universe.

All this is foretold… One day, a god will return.

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