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P. S. Hoffman writes Science Fiction and Fantasy. He is obsessed with all things futuristic, primarily Artificial Intelligence and the transformation of societies. Here, he shows others how to sharpen their fiction-writing skills by dissecting the techniques used by the world's best authors.
Cover Reveal: Fantastic Characters and How to Write Them

Fantastic Characters and How to Write Them releases on Oct. 18. I wrote a book about developing better characters, and I’m thrilled to finally show you what it looks like. Above, you’ll find the beautiful cover art designed by Kelly Carter.

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How Great Characters Make Great Stories

There are no great stories without great characters. Great characters feel real, which makes their stories feel real. Here's why it matters.

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The 19 Best Science Fiction Books of 2022 (and Our Most Anticipated)

Looking for your next favorite Science Fiction book? 2022 has some of the best science fiction books I've read in a long time. This list includes...

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The 9 Best Podcasts for Fiction Writers and Indie Authors

The best writing podcasts bring content that’s unusually difficult to get anywhere else. Here is a list of the best podcasts for fiction writers and indie authors.

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Read 3 Free Chapters from "The Last Human"

Read the first three chapters of "The Last Human," an epic space opera by P. S. Hoffman.

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