About P. S. Hoffman

I’ve lived ten thousand lives on ten thousand worlds, and with any luck, I’ll live another ten thousand more. Books, more than any other storytelling medium, captivate the imagination—empowering readers and listeners to experience new relationships, explore new worlds, and discover powerful truths.

For Writers and Authors: this site is a celebration of my favorite books. Here, I’ll show you the lessons I’ve learned from the greatest storytellers and best-selling authors. I’ve been sharing the best ideas, strategies, and mistakes for writers since 2017. Most of my articles center around the craft of writing, or strengthening good writing habits, though I’ll also discuss tech and the future of writing from time to time.

If you want to boost your creativity, build a better writing life, and find a new motivation to write, read my newest articles here.

You can also get a copy of my latest book for authors, Fantastic Characters and How to Write Them, on Amazon. 

For Fantasy and Sci Fi Lovers: fantasy was my first love. I still remember the first time I was given a copy of Redwall and read about a brave little mouse discovering a legendary sword. Hours later, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life: tell epic stories about truly heroic characters. Combined with my adoration for technology and the future, I tend to write Science Fiction & Space Opera that feels more like an epic Fantasy, with all the grim trials and heart-warming relationships I can fit inside. 

I’ve been “live publishing” my stories to Reddit and RoyalRoad for a few years now. You can read my latest stories on Patreon for as little as $3, or you can get a copy of my new science fantasy epic, The Last Human, wherever books are sold online.  

My Life Beyond Writing

If you can’t find me working on my next book or article, you’ll find me taking my dog on too many walks (according to him, there’s no such thing as “too many walks”), reading Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thrillers, or anything that makes me laugh, playing some kind of video game (most likely a 4X or RPG), attempting to bake bread, or tending to my garden … which currently involves me kneeling over a planter box and whispering pleas and making promises to a couple dozen herbs and peppers, which have, thus far, demonstrated zero ability to listen.

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