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Hello, and welcome to my Fiction Writing blog.

My name is P. S. Hoffman, and I am here to become a better writer, to share what I have learned with other writers. My hope is that you will read a few of my articles, and learn at least three things to improve your own writing craft.

I have been published, both in several online publications and in Writer’s Digest magazine, and I spend much of my professional time writing in a field entirely unrelated to this fiction.

All of my stories have been rejected numerous times because I still haven’t learned that stories about flesh-eating zombies don’t get published inThe New Yorker. I’m excited to keep adding to my wall of rejection letters. ?

Who Should Read This Blog?

This blog is for fiction writers who want to get better.

If you have ever felt…

  • Like “giving up” on writing
  • Afraid that you will never get published
  • Torn, because you can’t write the story you desperately want to create

…then this blog is dedicated to you.

Once a month, I will publish a new post on the craft of writing, or resources that I believe will help both of us grow. Right now, most of my posts focus on building better characters, and Science Fiction and Fantasy resources.

Please leave a comment whenever you can! I love to hear from other writers, and especially you who might read this blog…

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