Who is P. S. Hoffman?

Hi there!

My name is P. S. Hoffman, and I am deep in the trenches of “rejection hell.”

All of my stories have been rejected numerous times because I still haven’t learned that stories about flesh-eating zombies don’t get published in The New Yorker.

This blog is about writing – and getting better at it – without fear of rejection.

If you have ever felt…

  • Like “giving up” on writing
  • Afraid that you will never get published
  • Torn, because you can’t write the story you desperately want to create

…then this blog is dedicated to you.

Every Tuesday morning, CST, you can expect another post about something new I’ve learned – or some writing technique that I’ve been sharpening.

I want to teach you. I want us both to get out of the trenches.

Follow me through the mud and shrapnel – as we both learn how to become better writers.

One day soon, we will find ourselves sitting in the hallowed halls of “Professional Writer-dom.”

My favorite genres include:

  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy and Weird
  • Most things Horror

…but I will dive into so many other subjects, it’s impossible to name them all here.

Please feel free to comment on ANY post here.

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