Love and Sex and Poetry – What’s Your Favorite?

“If my Valentine you won’t be,
I’ll hang myself on your Christmas tree.”

-Ernest Hemingway

Today, millions of people will be in love.

Today, millions of people will be in tears.

And today, millions of people probably won’t care that it’s Valentine’s Day. But I care. I care a lot.

You know why?

Because love and loss are the greatest catalysts of poetry, poetic language, and all things written.

Today, I want to hear about your favorite poems, songs, notes, letters, or passages on all things Love. And Lust. And the wonders of human connection. If you wrote your own piece, or want to share a particularly moving blog post about love, please post it down in the comments below!

To get things started, I’ll share one of my favorite songs from Chet Baker:

As always, don’t forget to like and follow the blog. Happy Valentines day to you, dear writers. 

Image courtesy of Brittanie Loren Pendleton via Flickr Creative Commons.

11 thoughts on “Love and Sex and Poetry – What’s Your Favorite?

  1. Well, it’s a silly bit of doggerel, but this piece from Walt Kelly has also long struck me as just capturing the spirit of having been in love.

    The Olympics

    We salute you, O games of the ages,
    But the games of an age turning grey
    Were when I carried the torch
    On Veronica’s porch
    In the city of Athens, Ga.


    1. “…I found out that love is not exactly tearing down walls but climbing over it with a ladder…”

      The way you stated this struck me like a heart shaped brick. And how you ended it, was perfect. Consider me moved, and thank you for sharing this.


  2. One cool Autumn night a
    three quarter moon
    above the trees
    casting it’s light
    upon her
    face …

    at the age of
    14 or 17 or 21 ..
    (it doesn’t really matter … does it?)
    I pressed the flesh
    of another body,
    against the bricks
    on the side of the
    hospital …
    … was absorbed by a True kiss … and
    made the great
    discovery … !

    I’ve often asked myself, did that experience …
    … the discovery of true Love …
    actually happen or
    was it a story i made up
    taken from some
    dream … ?

    I’ve never really been
    sure which
    which but, that’s the
    nature of life,
    isn’t it?

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      1. I am here to read, to learn, and to write.

        You can send them privately if you choose, but I say consider this: Rewrite them. Fictionalize them if you must to obscure certain details, but just because a relationship has passed, doesn’t mean that all things beautiful and inspired should pass with it.

        You should share it with YOUR readers, Kurt. It shouldn’t be for an ex-romantic interest, it should be for you, and for us to learn about you.


  3. – Wheat Field Dreaming –
    Two are walking,
    wheat field gently
    sways in the
    wind …
    Green wheat rising, touches fertile
    regions …
    touches, rises,
    touches  …
    Wheat is softened,
    softly bending …
    lie softly
    softly bedded
    Arms wrap, legs wrap
    slender faces blue and blue
    wrap in
    blue sky
    blue and
    blue …
    Pleasant comfort wind
    green wheat rasps …
    hisses … blows gently
    blowing blowing
    in the
    wind …
    Sleep …. two
    Dream  …
    Thought caressing hands form two
    minds smaller forming
    smaller …
    Thought caressing hands keep
    forming two
    minds into
    one mind
    trapping soft
    thinking … pulling
    both minds deeper,
    deeper …
    Forming hands keep pulling deeper,
    into darkness deeper …
    collapse  …
    Two minds dreaming
    one dream
     dream softly
    within one
    soft ‘earth
    dream’ …
    Wheat root growing grows
     two in single wheat stalk
    gently swaying,
    gently swaying
    in the
    wind …

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    1. Is this an original? This is beautiful, sensual, and subtle enough to be called euphemistic, without too many meanings slipping past me.

      I would love to have this read aloud. Thank you for sharing this, Kurt.


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