I’m going to do something dangerous at the end of this post. This is an experiment, and I’m desperately hoping I don’t break something.

But first, a list! These are some of the best writing blogs out there that are not on WordPress. You probably aren’t on this list, and for that I’m SORRY, but you already know how to find good blogs around  here. Without further ado, I present you:


P.S. Hoffman’s Very Short List of Very Good Blogs That Will

Teach You How to Write Gooder


The Write Practice: A blog from creative writers, for creative writers. This one is full of quite a few ideas and prompts, but I chose The Write Practice because they put an emphasis on practicing the craft. Most posts are about small tweaks for you to focus the next time you sit down to write.

Favorite Recent Post –


Terrible Minds: You might not know Chuck Wendig by his books, but if you’ve ever searched for ‘writing blogs’ his is usually one of the first to crop up. His advice is sound, and he delivers with a passionate (some might say  caustic and sour) tone. Chuck Wendig might be a bit prickly, but his writing advice and challenges are always stimulating.

Favorite Recent Post –

Ten Things To Never Say To A Writer

Helping Writers Become Authors: K.M. Weiland’s blog is dedicated to teaching writers every detail of the craft. Deeply informative, peppered with quotes and supporting examples, hers is one of the better researched writing blogs out there.

Favorite Recent Post –


Men With Pens: Another writing blog! Now with more writing! Men With Pens deals with the logistical and technical difficulties of writing (from giving up on writing to making money). They have extensive experience with freelancing and copywriting, so give these guys a shot if that’s your thing.

Favorite Recent Post –

5 Crucial Tips for a Better About Page

The Renegade Writer: This last one is another great place for Freelance writers, or people just looking for a way to make money writing. Lots of professional tips from people who know what they’re talking about. They emphasise tailoring your content to your clients.

Favorite Recent Post –



Now For Something Dangerous

Hi. Hello there. It’s lovely to meet you, I’m P.S. Hoffman, and I want to know about your blog.

In the comments section below, I want you to tell me (and everyone else reading this) what your blog is about, why they should read your blog, and where they can find your blog. Yes, your blog. I don’t care what it’s about, I just want to read it.


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