5 Blogs for Writers (Bonus: Danger?)

I’m going to do something dangerous at the end of this post. This is an experiment, and I’m desperately hoping I don’t break something.

But first, a list! These are some of the best writing blogs out there that are not on WordPress. You probably aren’t on this list, and for that I’m SORRY, but you already know how to find good blogs around  here. Without further ado, I present you:


P.S. Hoffman’s Very Short List of Very Good Blogs That Will

Teach You How to Write Gooder


The Write Practice: A blog from creative writers, for creative writers. This one is full of quite a few ideas and prompts, but I chose The Write Practice because they put an emphasis on practicing the craft. Most posts are about small tweaks for you to focus the next time you sit down to write.

Favorite Recent Post –


Terrible Minds: You might not know Chuck Wendig by his books, but if you’ve ever searched for ‘writing blogs’ his is usually one of the first to crop up. His advice is sound, and he delivers with a passionate (some might say  caustic and sour) tone. Chuck Wendig might be a bit prickly, but his writing advice and challenges are always stimulating.

Favorite Recent Post –


Helping Writers Become Authors: K.M. Weiland’s blog is dedicated to teaching writers every detail of the craft. Deeply informative, peppered with quotes and supporting examples, hers is one of the better researched writing blogs out there.

Favorite Recent Post –


Men With Pens: Another writing blog! Now with more writing! Men With Pens deals with the logistical and technical difficulties of writing (from giving up on writing to making money). They have extensive experience with freelancing and copywriting, so give these guys a shot if that’s your thing.

Favorite Recent Post –


The Renegade Writer: This last one is another great place for Freelance writers, or people just looking for a way to make money writing. Lots of professional tips from people who know what they’re talking about. They emphasise tailoring your content to your clients.

Favorite Recent Post –



Now For Something Dangerous

Hi. Hello there. It’s lovely to meet you, I’m P.S. Hoffman, and I want to know about your blog.

In the comments section below, I want you to tell me (and everyone else reading this) what your blog is about, why they should read your blog, and where they can find your blog. Yes, your blog. I don’t care what it’s about, I just want to read it.


Don’t forget to like, follow, and explore the blog. Advertise away, fellow writers!

(Photo by Ed van der Hoek. It’s a dog digging up blogs, OK?)


54 thoughts on “5 Blogs for Writers (Bonus: Danger?)

  1. Is it telling that I immediately skipped to the “dangerous” section of this post? I did go back and read the list… after I read through the comments and clicked a few links. 🙂

    Btw, if you are still interested in learning about different blogs, mine is a general writing blog. I tend to write about the art of writing a lot. I helps me learn how to better my own writing skills. 🙂

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  2. Death, love, and taxes- sometimes even in the same post!
    After having been a frustrated writer since the age of 12, for the past five years I’ve given myself permission to write the worst crap in the world. With that acceptance came freedom and with that came some solid writing.

    I started my blog http://writeswithpencils.wordpress.com/ a month ago as part of my commitment to share my work. I do indeed write with pencils about issues that are difficult for people to talk about: suicide, grief, body image, social inequity, and intimacy. To explore these issues I use several forms including poetry, memoir, short stories and essays. Some of it is quite serious and other pieces are funny. You’ll have to explore to read which are which. Thanks for the opportunity to share and I’m really enjoying your blog.

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  3. My blog, You’ll Soon Be Flying, is about my journey of personal reflection and inspiration as a mother of four children, a divorced and remarried woman, who still loves her exhusband dearly, a mother of a sexually abused son, a former Mortgage Banker turned Freelance Writer, a child of a mentally i ill abusive mother, and a human who grew so tired of the dis-connectivity of today’s socially wired-in world, that I have been on a year-long odyssey to share my heart honestly with you, my readers, in hopes to encourage others to do the same. My mission is: Construct a life, not a profile. Reconnect your hearts. You should read my blog if you want real. Raw, honest heartfelt emotions about walking through this often-times difficult and superficial life. Men, women, everyone can benefit by stopping by for a dose of “soul reading.” I also published my memoir, book 1 of a 3 parter, earlier this Spring, it’s linked in a tab at the top of my blog. My book is entitled, My Haunted House, The Crazy Within. And provides a raw perspective on being raised by a mentally ill parent. Thank you for opening your comments to your readers to share our blogs and stories with each other! What a generous gift. Best~ Julie

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  4. Hi PS! So glad I stumbled onto your blog, it looks like I’ll be lurking around here more often (don’t worry, I’m friendly!)

    As for my blog, it’s called http://jademwong.wordpress.com/ and it’s a blog about…as the tagline goes “way too many things for its own good”. Think short stories, poetry, book reviews, and a Charmed Fanfiction all wrapped together into one acquired-taste-sort-of-concoction. And then occasionally, I’ll throw in a dash of another random thing. Life’s surprising like that, you know?

    Thanks for the share invite! Great job with your blog!


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  5. Hi PS 🙂
    Great article, I now have a bunch of new blogs to check out, which is awesome.

    You already follow me, but for those who don’t, my blog is pretty new – Uncertain Tales – which you can check out here: http://uncertaintales.wordpress.com/.

    This is where I attempt to refine my writing skills by posting short stories, flash fiction, my responses to fiction writing challenges, and awful dad jokes. I also occasionally write about the writing process, generally from the perspective of a learner, as someone trying things.

    The name ‘Uncertain Tales’ is based on my own uncertainty – how this will work, whether I am any good, whether people will want to read my stuff – and also on the stuff I write about. The unknown, the horrible, the speculative, the funny.

    Or at least I hope so.


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  6. I am a VERY new blogger – only just started last week. As a result of some recent life changes I am trying to reinvent myself career-wise with some freelance writing. Timbitsblog (http://timbitsblog.wordpress.com/) is a place for me to put post anything and everything I might write as I practice writing as a craft, develop a writing discipline, and (hopefully?) find my way into writing jobs. Since my interests are rather diverse, posts will vary considerably (so far I have a personal reflection on writing, a nursery rhyme, the story of my first cat, and a silly bit of fantasy fiction)… If you check it out, I would love feedback.

    Thanks for the invite to share, PS!

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  7. After scrolling through the comments and seeing various interesting blogs I thought, “I can’t possibly add mine to the list because these people are REAL bloggers.” Then I remembered. I am a real blogger too. Even if I’m just a newbie and my blog has no bells or whistles (I do plan to add some bells and whistles some day, I swear), I have some things to say that might just interest some people. For instance, I’m chronicling my commitment to write every day for a year with my 365 Day Writing Project. So here it is: http://orientingdetails.com/ Come on by and cheer on a newbie blogger.

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  8. Very cool idea, P.S. And I think I actually have read and follow a few the blogs above. Good stuff! I have three blogs: DJLutz.wordpress.com is the public chronicle of my effort to become a better writer. Random posts abound, plus a weekly serial (this year it’s a samurai thriller.) I also have two food blogs: ExplodingPotatoes.wordpress.com covers food that tastes great but may not be good for you; the other, VeganCookingForYou.wordpress.com, showcases (of course) vegan food – in other words food that tastes great and actually is good for you. Am I a vegan? On most days, but I keep getting kicked out of the union. I think they are following me to see if I still eat cheese…

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    1. I can barely manage the one blog, I don’t know how you can do three!

      I know I’m supposed to be talking about writing, but your food blogs… Some seriously good looking eats there.

      OK. I’m checking out the writing blog too. Aaaand followed.


  9. We’ve already met P.S. Hoffman, and let me just say I always look forward to your posts appearing in my reader, they brighten my day and give excellent advice!! I’d like to think we’ve become great internet friends 😉

    And now, without further ado, FOR ALL THE OTHER AMAZING PEOPLE OUT THERE!!!… Hi All 🙂 I post regularly at danniellewicks.wordpress.com, I am an aspiring Young Adult author from Australia and I decided to start a blog to share my writing with the world 🙂 Head over and check it out, I swear its not terrible!

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  10. I love finding new blogs, and this was a winner–your awesome blog, a list of five more awesome blogs, and a whole comments section full of awesome blogs!

    I post over at bumblesbooks.wordpress.com. I do a weekly writing challenge, post snippets about writing and grammar and vocabulary and such, and blather on about my writing journey as I brace myself for the release of my debut novel, Demon’s Heart.

    Thanks for giving me a slew of new blogs to read!

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    1. “You probably aren’t on this list” – It’s a pleasure to be proven wrong, K.

      I am honored YOU came to the blog.

      I have two questions:
      1. How did you find this blog?!
      2. OK, this one isn’t a question, I just hope you didn’t notice the grammatical error(s?) in this post.


  11. My blog, allyballysblog.wordpress.com is something I started not very long ago, to which has been so far successful. My blog contains fiction of the horror & thriller genre, which is what I love to do. I also like to write about writing itself and share success. Finally, I will often write, in rant style, of things that really get on my nerves!

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  12. You already read my blog. Does that mean my homework is already done?

    For all the people out there who haven’t found my blog (how have you survived without it?), I fill up server space each Friday with my life as a writer and with handy writing tips. Every Saturday I give a shout out to something (book, movie, food, whatever) that’s tickled my fancy during the week. And on Tuesdays you’ll have to endure a bit of shameless book promotion – but I promise it’s usually entertaining. On occasion, I ramble on about my bees.

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  13. Well, since you asked

    My blog is a must-read because I’m pretty awesome. Okay, so, there are plenty of awesome blogs out there, but I have a good sense of humor, a lot of experience with writing as a craft and reading as an enjoyable necessity, and I’m working on writing some pretty great books. You can say you’ve followed me since before I was famous! Or, even better, you can help me get there and have me forever in your gratitude. I frequently post about my experiences in the writing world, about books I’ve read, about people I think are really cool, and some inspirational stuff and some interesting and honest debates. A little bit of everything.

    Not only that, but I love using my blog to help promote other people, too. This year, I’m working on World Unknown Review, a literary journal that needs you to send me your work so that I can publish it and tell everyone how awesome you are. I love interviewing other authors and featuring them, too, or anything else to help spread the word of all the great things out there. This whole blogging thing should be a community effort, and I’d love to help be a nice hub in that wider community.

    So, yes. Check it out. You won’t regret it. Or maybe you will. But probably not.

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    1. “My blog is a must-read because I’m pretty awesome.”
      Yup, checks out.

      And in case you’re glazing over the comments right now, I’m going to capitalize this: YOU CAN SUBMIT YOUR WORK AND BE PUBLISHED. READ THE LINKS.


    1. “I write about….writing.” No. WAY. So do I!

      It’s rough posting your own fiction, isn’t it? Those are usually my least popular posts, but hey, it’s good practice!

      And sometimes someone offers some really useful criticism. OK, once. That’s only happened once so far.


  14. Pleased to make your digital acquaintance P.S. Dangerous stuff indeed, allowing other bloggers to shamelessly promote themselves 🙂 I’ll bite.

    I am the itch, and these are my stories. I write short tales of the dark and macabre at http://theitchwrites.wordpress.com.

    If that sounds like something you’d be interested in (whoever is reading this comment) feel free to connect with me. I am always interested in reading the work of other writers and connecting with them. Hopefully we can learn from each other and become better writers in the process.

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  15. My blog http://healingbeyondsurvival.wordpress.com/ is about post traumatic growth after abuse. Especially childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, and all the things that come as a result of abuse: PTSD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks. My hope is that by sharing our stories of abuse and healing, we can help others who hide behind masks and carry the burden of secret keeping do the same. I welcome fellow victims/survivors, and all who would like to know more.

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      1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, P.S.. Yes indeed, I have a pretty active blog because abuse and it’s aftermath is so prevalent. It’s been a lifesaver for me. I’m enjoying your blog and all the useful tips for writers!


  16. Such a beautiful set of blogs! I’m Shailaja and I blog at The Moving Quill. Primarily, I write short fiction pieces and poetry. Occasionally, there is a heartfelt non- fiction post that finds its way on to the page. I’m also trying to help bloggers navigate through the aspects of blogging, mainly stuff I’ve learnt from my own experience as a blogger.

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  17. Well met, P.S! I’m Mike from you ain’t special! I don’t know if anyone should read my blog, but if they’d like to it can be found at youaintspecial.wordpress.com. It’s mostly nonsense, but some misguided folks have referred to it as “lovely”, “inspiring”, and “lobster” (I’m not sure about that one either). You may be offended, you may be amused, but you will definitely have read it! Thanks for these links, they will be helpful for me making words better! 😆

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    1. You had me at ‘free’.

      I’ve been reading your doctorly blog for a while now, and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone interested in doctor stories or writing. Thank you for commenting Victo! (Is Victo your name, or a moniker?)


    1. YOU HAVE PASSED THE TEST. YES, I WOULD HAVE STOPPED FOLLO-no. I’m kidding. I want you to advertise your blog to others who come through here.

      I’m trying to build a community of writers here, dammit! Ooh, hummingbirds.


  18. My blog, Three’s A Herd, is about my journey mothering a preemie, a princess, and a child on the autism spectrum. People should read it because it’s a real, honest look into what it’s like dealing with special needs, neuro-typical, and just mothering in general. There’s also some personal reflection in there, with a good dose of laughing at myself. You’ll also have to hear about my running adventures sometimes. You can find us at threesaherd.com

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      1. Thank you! As for parenting three – they thankfully didn’t all come at once, and I’m still learning how to do this. Hopefully they’re gentle when speaking with their therapists thirty years from now.

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