7 Useful Writers You Should Follow on Twitter

I tried it, I dipped my toes into Twitter. And it was like dipping my toes into acid.

Somehow, I just knew it wasn’t my thing. But after all the flesh melted off of my bones, and I lost the ability to feel anything, I found something I liked. And then, something else. And something else and ohnoI’monTwitternow. I tweeted. I’m a twitterer… er?

I swear, it’s good for your writing. Twitter teaches you how to be concise, how to connect with your readers (though I hear it’s better for connecting with agents or editors), and who knows? You might learn something about writing!

Here are some of the people I’ve started following, and a few reasons why YOU should follow them, if you want to improve your writing.

#1 – @StephenKing: Most people on Twitter are trying to sell themselves. Stephen King doesn’t have to. I think he was the first person I followed, because I was curious about what he’s like. Also, he gives out great writing advice from time to time.

Favorite Recent Tweet:

#2 – @Copyblogger: Great advice for bloggers. Try not to learn something from the dozens of links on their feed.

Favorite Recent Tweet:

 #3 – @PassiveVoiceBlg: This one is for all of you self-publishers out there. Passive Guy is David Vandagraff, a writer who knows and posts new, a few tips, and guides on self-marketing and self-publishing.

Favorite Recent Tweet:

 #4 – @electriclit: Writing guides from renowned authors, book news, and all things literature related.

Favorite Recent Tweet:

#5 – @askanyone (Sloane Crosley): Clever one-liners, inspiring quotes, and – actually, I just follow her because she’s funny. You can learn from her that you don’t need more than a line or two to be funny.

Favorite Recent Tweet:

#6 – @thecreativepenn (Joanna Penn): As an ‘NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Thriller Author’, she is full of advice for writers trying to make it as … well, as writers. Self-made enthusiasts need to check her out.

Favorite Recent Tweet:

#7 – @GrammarGirl (Mignon Fogarty): If you’ve ever googled a question, you might have stumbled across this entrepreneur/writer. This is one of the better feeds to improve the technical side of your writing.

Favorite Recent Tweet:

#8 – @PS_Hoffman (ME): Hah! I’m just going to bombard you with blog posts I liked and semi-interesting writery things, why would you ever want to follow that.


Please, tell me who you follow (and why)! Tell me your twitter username and why I should follow you (and I probably will).

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18 thoughts on “7 Useful Writers You Should Follow on Twitter

    1. The fastest way to learn is to just dive in, see who your favorite authors or publishers are following, and try not to spend too much time on Twitter.

      Connecting on social media is the most nebulous, difficult to grasp part of this whole blogging thing, I feel your stress!


    1. Someone has built the tallest building in the world.
      You’ve been hearing about this exciting new building all of your life.
      You’ve always wanted to see it, to climb up to the top of it and look at all the land.
      So one day, you decide to make the relatively short trip from your town to the big city, only to find out that the magnificent, new building, the tallest building in the world is a giant freaking wall.

      I was disheartened when I first started, but it’s actually pretty easy to scale once you figure out where the handholds are.

      Sorry for the extended analogy.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I am very new to this, so I might come back with more information on it later.

      For now, I’m still learning how to take the information in (It’s a ‘stream’, not a ‘queue’ – I think you’re not supposed to read everything).


  1. Good stuff! I have added some of these to my feed, including you. Here is one I will recommend: Maria Popova @brainpicker who describes herself as “a reader, writer, interestingness hunter-gatherer, and curious mind at large.” She tweets links to her well-written and informative blog posts about authors, artists, writing, creative process and much more.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know – she’s amazing! She must research like crazy. I read her stuff all the time. My Twitter feed improved by leaps and bounds once I found her, and now I have a few more to add some great content. See how worthwhile Twitter can actually be? Let me know when you’re glad you finally drank the Kool Aid. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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