The room is dark, your candles burn low. Your lover has given up calling you back to bed, and is snoring gently in the other room. But you have important work to do.

Yes, you have a murder to plot.

And somewhere a forbidden romance is swelling to it’s climax.

And a tyrannical empire is about to fall — or wait, was it a criminal organization about to meet justice? No, it must have been first contact with a mysterious race of aliens. No, it was definitely the …

As a writer, you read across genres, you try to expand beyond your favorites. Sometimes it’s a heated romance, or a convoluted crime, or even a self-help book. But you have a preferred genre, something to which you always return.

For me, I love reading science fiction, fantasy, and certain guilty pleasures like erotic fiction, or trashy thrillers (if someone bridged the gap between these last two, they would get so rich). I write almost exclusively ‘realistic’ science fiction, and some of my later short pieces have been fantasy with an emphasis on ancient history.

Writers, what is your genre? What do you prefer to read? What genre do you write?

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