I have a problem with sounds. I write in libraries and other public places frequently, and I can’t stand hearing other people when I’m trying to think. The slightest phrase, or a peel of laughter will destroy my concentration.

So I listen to music when I write. I’m even doing it right now. Soundtracks to movies, video games, and most instrumental music are the hidden heartbeat behind all of my writing. Currently, I’m listening to the entire Lord of the Rings soundtrack (I was listening to one of those mournful Elven pieces when I wrote Friends Long Gone. Those lyrics haunt me so).

I know everyone isn’t like me. I know some of you out there can work with all that background noise. I know some of you feed off of hearing other people’s conversations, or you love surrounding yourself with the sounds of productivity.

I have to know, what do YOU listen to when you write? Do you have one album you play over and over again? Do you jack up the volume on the television just to have something on? Do you wear earplugs like jewelry, because silence is golden?

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