When I first crashed on this planet, many hundreds of days ago, I was enamored with television shows, movies, video games, and books. But as I’ve gotten used to the atmosphere (I think I am about 96% Human at this point), I’ve become too busy to do everything.

I find that I spend less time watching, and more time writing. Yet, when I try to write most mornings, I can’t eek out more than a single sentence. There is just something about the sun glaring at me through the window that cuts off my creative spark.

Although, when the night comes, when parts of the world are finally going to sleep, it’s like something inside of me is just waking up. And it’s exciting. I lose track of the time, and I can’t help but write deep into the night.

Writers, are you a night owl like me? Or is it the midday sun that super-charges your inner visionary? Maybe the smell of coffee in the morning excites your creativity?

When do you write?