I apologize for the sensationalist title, but I’m playing around with titles for another post at the moment and testing some things out.

  • Reason 1: You’re not writing
  • Reason 2: You think you’re writing, but what you are really doing is just sitting there, thinking.
  • Reason 3: You’re still reading this page,
  • Reason 4: And expecting me to say something else important,
  • Reason 5: But we both know you’re just procrastinating.

Today, the legendary fantasy writer R.A. Salvatore did an ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) on reddit, which is essentially a public interview on the internet, and he responded to this question from /u/melliott79:

“What is your advice for writers just starting out?”

/u/RASalvatore responded:

“Worry about the writing. Finish something, find your voice, love your characters, THEN worry about how you’re going to publish it. Writing is a way of life, a journey…publishing is a business.”

The phrase ‘Finish something,’ was what caught me the most. Mr. Salvatore is not known for his literary genius, nor for eloquently-penned prose. But he is incredibly successful, especially at what he does. Maybe it’s because his characters are so easy to love, but R. A. Salvatore has been writing for more than two decades.

The obsession to write will make you a writer.


Drizzt, Protagonist of Salvatore’s “The Dark Elf Trilogy”

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