Meet P. S. Hoffman:

Hey there! My name is Patrick, and I do two things here:

I craft in-depth guides for fiction authors who want to tell more compelling stories. My articles take lessons from best-selling authors and great writers will to help you discover your greatest writing gifts.

I’m also a passionate author, and I write novels for science fiction & fantasy lovers. Sometimes, I’ll also share updates on my newest books with free chapters, cover reveals, and more. I hope you enjoy!

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Fantastic Characters and How to Write Them Book Cover

Writing Guides for Fiction Authors

Want to write better stories? Want to create characters your readers will never forget?

Me too.

I write guides that will teach you how best-selling authors and legendary storytellers keep readers hooked for hundreds of pages. My latest book is about crafting better characters using these techniques: 

Fantastic Characters and How to Write Them

I also write articles that will improve your writing process, characters, story creation, and more. Where other writing blogs tend to focus on publishing and marketing, I spend more time on the craft of writing, because I believe the stronger your story—the easier it is to grow your audience.

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The Last Human - Book Cover

My Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

If you’re a science fiction or fantasy fan who loves: 

  • Complex galactic empires brimming with rich cultures, histories, and defiant underdogs. 
  • Ancient technology, forgotten for so long, its power has passed into myth and legend. 
  • Heartwarming relationships, heroes who never quit, and villains with mysterious motives.
  • Space operas that combine the massive scale of epic fantasy with near-magical technology.

…then you might love my stories. You can get a free sample of my most recent novel here:

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And you can read my works in progress on Patreon:

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Featured Articles

Check out a few of my best writing guides and reading lists!

For Writers

How to Write Fascinating Heroes

How do you write a hero who is unique, unforgettable, and so addicting your readers will beg for more? Read this and stop writing boring, replaceable heroes. 

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26 Ways to Write Instantly Likable Characters

Want to make your story impossible to put down? These techniques will help you create instant sympathy with your characters and keep readers glued to the page.

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For Readers

Best Science Fiction Books of 2022

Looking for your next favorite book? Praise the space-faring muses – this year is stuffed with SCIENCE FICTION GOODNESS, and I can’t wait to share these books with you.

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Best Fantasy Books of 2022

From cozy fantasy romance to YA adventure to grimdark epics, this list covers all the best new fantasy releases of 2022. I hope you’re ready to fall in love with dragons, warrior Jinn, insane wizards, and one unusual gallant knight.  

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